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Statistics: Afrilinks facts and figures

by Guy Berger, Highway Africa News Agency

Africa’s island states – Reunion and Seychelles top Africa’s list of telephone subscribers, with near universal service for their citizens. South Africa and Botswana each score four lines for every ten its inhabitants. Bottom of the list are countries like Central African Republic and Niger with one for every two or three hundred residents.

Cost of a local SMS in US$:
Mauritius: 0.02
Zimbabwe: 0.02
Botswana: 0.03
Uganda: 0.06
South Africa: 0.08
Nigeria: 0.12
Sao Tome and Recipe: 0.24

Telecoms revenue per subscriber in US$:
Uganda: 250
South Africa: 288
Zimbabwe: 356
Nigeria: 527
Cameroon: 4086

Internet users per 1000 inhabitants:
Reunion: 20.52
Seychelles: 14.52
South Africa: 6.82
Tunisia: 6.37
Zimbabwe: 4.30
Egypt: 3.85
Botswana: 3.49
Nigeria: 0.61
Cameroon: 0.38
Sierra Leone: 0.16
Central African Republic: 0.13
Liberia: 0.03

Costs of 20 hours Internet:
Sierra Leone: 12.01
Botswana: 27.01
South Africa: 33.33
Angola: 78.81
Congo; 121.22
Gabon: 121.95
Tanzania: 117.00

Source: ITU report: African Telecommunications Indicators, 2004.

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