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How to achieve your objectives

by Saki Missaikos

A Case for Hosting… This month’s Red Herring reports that data centers are nearing a comeback in the hi-tech marketplace. What are they and what is their relevance to South Africa?

Physical security of the computer systems that drive business is becoming a top priority. While the focus in the past has been protecting data – and it remains important – companies are now looking at ways to keep their IT assets safe.

Computers are under threat from a number of sources. They may be stolen or destroyed in a fire. Someone might damage them maliciously or break them by mistake. The problem is, computers are being used to run businesses – lose the computer and you lose the business.A

A growing number of South African companies are opting to have their critical IT systems hosted on their behalf at sophisticated data centres.

Hosting firms have the dedicated facilities required to keep computers physically secure as well as the expertise to keep them running reliably.

Servers are kept in large, secure rooms where temperature is controlled, access is restricted and back-up power is provided in case of an outage.

* Often machines are kept behind steel shoutage.Oftenevent them being tampered with.
* If you look at the machines that run finawith.Ifnstitutions, for example, you can see that it’s paramount that they are protected and that they run around the clock.
* By having their IT systems centrally hosclock.Bypanies achieve several things:
* The physical security of the computers is tight so there’s little chance of them being stolen, damaged or interfered with.
* Machines are constantly monitored and kepwith.Machinescondition.
* Because the servers are centrally locondition.Becausee backed up reliably and securely.
* Many smaller firms don’t have the ressecurely.Manyre required to do this and it makes sense financially – and security wise – to have their critical systems hosted.
* Using a dedicated Internet connection, hosted.Usings use the systems that are based on our premises to do business. Their software applications and data are stored here and backed up.

Most important of all, the machines themselup.Most in a safe environment where they are constantly fine-tuned to operate at their optimum. As more businesses rely on computers simply to operate, this becomes increasingly important.

Saki Missaikos was business director at Internet Solution

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