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Selling the Internet

The Internet is a fascinating place, er, space. I have been online since day one, well, you know what I mean. And I have seen some funky stuff going on in cyberspace. Back in 1993, when the Internet first began to make news, myself and a bunch of hyperactive computer nerds took the streets in an effort to evangelise this new world. If was a tough gig.

But it was filled with inspired adventures and light-hearted moments. I wanted to touch on some of those moments in today’s column as I was reminded a few months ago of how fast the world has changed (and is still changing).

A friend of mine recently told me that her husband thought he had broken the Internet. I remember over 10 years ago people calling us up saying that wanted to buy the Internet. The most common phrase we heard was “We would like to Internet”. So, let’s go back a short while and see how colourful our world has become.

Let’s start off by pondering over the famous chicken and egg equation. Keep reading →

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