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'Mark' re-imagines business

The new magazine of digital business, Mark, is about the changing nature of both people and the business environment. Its blog,, extends the content into the social media space. Founder and editor of the magazine and Internet veteran HERMAN MANSON reveals the thinking behind the venture.

People are changing. Business environments are changing. Building business organisations (and profits) are no longer simply about building brand equity and loyalty – it’s about building customer equity. This is the premise for the launch of new digital business magazine Mark and its associated blog

Mark magazine and covers a world-wide trend towards the re-engagement between real people as opposed to people and technology. Technology is simply a facilitator in this process. People are looking for real engagement, a real interest in their causes and needs. They are no longer sold on traditional advertising. The way business engages with people, both customers and staff, is being redefined, and we all need to be aware of how this trend affects us if we are going to manage this process.

The magazine was born from a need to create a platform to express and track these changes. With its focus on people, a human name seemed appropriate, and so Mark was born. It helped that the name could mean different things to different people – anything from Make your Mark, to markets and marketing.

The idea was always to produce a print quality magazine and have it supplemented by a daily blog. As the blog was also supposed to showcase great South African communication messages to a global audience, it was decided to purchase a .com domain name. jumped out from the other potential domain names and so became the name of Mark’s blog.

Many publishers are keeping a close eye on what Mark does because there seems to be general agreement that the digital magazine technology we will be using will play an important part in the future of magazines. A common mistake publishers are making is simply to create digital versions of their print titles. Mark set out to design Internet appropriate pages, using larger fonts and shorter features to suit its publishing environment.

In its first issue Mark focuses on identity and suggests that how you nurture your corporate personality and philosophy, and create the brands and logos that manifest your identity, is already being redefined by powerful emerging economies and markets previously ignored by most marketers.

It also asks if an elaborate employment branding strategy can really be successful if managers, well, suck.

Finally, it attempts to answer the question of what influences people’s perception of your corporate identity (the answer is, in short, everything).

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